Private badminton trainings

How to play badminton correctly

We are looking for an answer how to begin playing badminton as a novice! The game attracts millions around the world.  Typically, hotels are equipped with a court. We have been playing badminton since our childhood! Private lessons help students learn to play correctly with proper technique, avoiding unnecessary movements, and making accurate and powerful strikes. Of course practice is important; you need to train hard. Focus should be placed on the coach, as their experience will guide the student. As beneficial as group training is, nothing can replace individuate training.

5 reasons to schedule individual badminton trainings:

Индивидуальные тренировки по бадминтону
  1. Learn how to hold the racket correctly; many people believe there is no difference when holding the racket. Several things depend on the way the birdie is held, ranging from the power of the serve to its accuracy. Many casual badminton players get injured precisely because they hold the racket incorrectly. Nothing will stop your growth more than improper technique.
  2. Learn the correct movement on the court. The mentor will explain in which cases batter to be in particular zone, when wiser to return.
  3. Learn the correct pitch. The coach will show different types of innings. It will help you to choose your personal “crown” pitch.
  4. You will grow faster as a professional. A regular individual trainees help to grow faster. To get the best result combine private and group classes.
  5. This is inspiration! Imagine the lesson with a Pro couch; he has devoted his whole life to this sport; he inspires you more then anyone. You will understand the subtleties of the unique game.

It is personal communication. The coach will find your strength and weaknesses. It helps you to win!

Alexandr Paveliev Alexandr Pavelev

Qualifications: Badminton. City champion. Multiple prize winner of the Russian championships among club teams of the Super league. Racket — Li-Ning 3D Calibar 900B. Privat classes — 2000rub\1hour

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Ирина Чертова Irina Chertova

Qualifications: Badminton. Candidate of City Champion. Racket — Yonex Z-Force 2. Privat classes — 2000rub\1hour

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Badminton schedule

Adult classesBaumanskaya
Paveliev A.
Chertova I.
Paveliev A.
Children’s classesblocking training sessions(pandemic)
Court rentalFrom 20:00 to 22:00From 20:00 to 22:00Starting at 7:00
Entry required

* — training with a coach

Lesson prices

From 20:00 – 22:00750/750 rub.1 hour
Professionals classes2000 rub.1 hour
Single visit700/500 rub.2 hours / 1.5 hour
4 classes*2700/1800 rub.2 hours / 1.5 hour
8 classes*5200/3200 rub.2 hours / 1.5 hour