Table tennis for kids

Why Table tennis?

  1. Table tennis is simple, friendly, interesting, dynamic and safe sport to practice. During the lesson children will learn all the basics necessary to enjoy a great game of table tennis, keeping active, socializing, developing hand/eye coordination, developing core skills, and generally having a great time.  Table tennis is also great for fitness and provides valuable time away from video games and social media in a safe and secure environment.
  2. Table tennis will give your child all of the basic skills they will need to enjoy a great game of table tennis. Through classes of the games and exercises, they will be given the confidence to grow in the game, learn skills for life, and makes friends in a safe, fun environment.
  3. We make it fun! Coaches create different contests, competitions, bring different balls. Young champions take part in such activities and spend hours talking about their training impressions to their parents, forgetting about all the gadgets.

Table tennis school

настольный теннис для детей

Sport is an important part of the life. All classes contain general physical fitness – running, jumping, throwing, catching, flexibility, strength, technique, control, balance, communication, collaboration, competing. Table tennis can be played literally anywhere… even at home at the kitchen table… so we encourage all classes to practice during the week… the fun doesn’t stop at the session!

Table tennis session

Playing table tennis has various benefits.

Social bonding: In this era of technology, children often spent time online, something that affects their social life. Letting your child play ping pong builds the kid’s communication and social skills. Children players share a similar interest, bond together and spent quality time.

Brain health: Studies show that table tennis game improves motor and strategy functions and promotes long-term memory. The game helps your kid’s young and growing brain.

Physical development: By playing table tennis, your kids stay healthy, in good shape and have enhanced hand and eye coordination. The game also strengthens muscle and bones and promotes flexibility and agility.

Its fun, easy to play and inexpensive: Table tennis can be played for fun or as a career. Also, it does not matter the gender, age or size of your child. The rules are easy to understand. In addition, it is a cheap sport.

Table tennis equipment for kids such as tables, blades/rackets/paddles/bats is inexpensive and long-lasting. You can let your child play at home by purchasing table tennis equipment for kids. Table tennis sneakers, tees and shorts are cheap and available. 

Table tennis schedule


Adult classesBaumanskaya
20:00 - 22:00
20:00 - 22:00
Children’s classesBlocking training sessions(pandemic)
Table rentalStarting at 20:00
Entry required
Starting at 20:00
Entry required


Lesson prices


From 20:00 – 22:00400 rub.1 hour
Pro coach classes1700 rub.1 hour
Single visit650/400 rub.2 hours / 1 hour
4 classes*2500/1500 rub.2 hours / 1 hour
8 classes*4900/2800 rub.2 hours / 1 hour