Sport camps

тренировочные сборы по настольному теннису и бадминтону

Training camps

For successful mastery of technique and tactics, away events such as training camps are extremely important. When the athlete is away from the familiar environment, he can fully devote himself to the training process, to dive into the details of the elements that were not possible before. Training camps are aimed at maximum immersion; after such events the quality of the game increases always.

Duration of training camp is about 3-5 days. There are two training sessions on technical and tactical skills and one for general physical preparation every day. Amateur athletes are completely devoid of everyday problems, we provide meals and accommodation at the base. Pool, gym, baths, soccer, volleyball and tennis courts are also available. Do not forget about the theoretical part of the event, the coaching staff will be able to work with everyone to analyze mistakes and correct technique. Training camp is team building! The team meets for tea, In the evening, where there are numerous discussions and intellectual games. Our club constantly arranges competitions, away matches. And if a defeat happens, we also know how to accept it with dignity and make it positivity.

The training camps are held at the bases near Moscow, it is very convenient. In the summer, SmashClub organizes sports gathering at the sea, as well as trips to the master class in Europe, where in addition to training, the club fights with the local team.  

Table Tennis Training Camp

Table tennis camps are very popular and in demand. Because of its accessibility, table tennis has gained popularity among young and old alike. Many people want to learn how to properly move around the table and hit any serve. Participating in competitions is also one of our clients’ goals. Club members attend group trainings, where coaches teach the basics of this game.

Badminton Training Camp

Badminton training camp is a great way to spend a great weekend and enjoy your favorite game. Our club arranges training camps of badminton, table tennis and squash constantly. The camps are designed to improve the skills of the game. Do not forget about the relaxing, informal part, people get to know each other better. This is very important for events such as competitions, club members as a family support each other and are willing to share the joy of victory and sorrow of defeat.

Badminton training camp is like a holiday, which everyone is waiting for and preparing diligently. The club organization is happy to see at its events both regular participants and new ones who want to join the Smash Club team.

Sport Camp in Kratovo march 2019

Sport camp in Racket Camp 2018