Badminton coach

A badminton coach is

Most importantly, a professional who inspires by his example. The coach’s will demonstrate their passion for the game, and this is ideal for motivating and engaging everyone else.

Who needs a coach?

1. Semi-pro players; if playing with amateurs has become boring, try sparring with stronger players, for example National champions and City champions. It is a great way to enhance your badminton experience. Spending time with a professional allows you to receive quality, in-depth, and personal instruction where you need the most attention.

2. Beginners. It is very essential to learn the correct technique of the game. Smash club was designed for beginners in order to develop their interest and potential in badminton. Classes will be focused on basic badminton techniques and footwork.

Тренер по бадминтону

3. People who have stopped developing their technique, in order to enhance and complete their skills.

Our Moscow team of coaches:

  1. Comprise of only professionals; our staff includes National champions, City champions, participants and prize-winners of Moscow and Europe competitions.
  2. The coaches are always attentive. Students get not only a mentor, but also a friend. Classes are a great way to distract daily affairs and stress.
  3. Our coaches help realize the students’ potential. What is your best pitch? Which role on the pitch gives you the best chance to succeed? Which is the best position for you? The coaches will identify an answer this question for you.
  4. Motivation:  Should your enthusiasm begin to fade, your coach will continue to motivate you and rekindle the spark in you!
  5. Our coaches have knowledge of the human anatomy and the proper way to avoid injury. They will constantly monitor your safety and use their experience to advise you, Train and choose the coach who suits you most!

Alexandr Paveliev Alexandr Pavelev

Qualifications: Badminton. City champion. Multiple prize winner of the Russian championships among club teams of the Super league. Racket — Li-Ning 3D Calibar 900B. Privat classes — 2000rub\1hour

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Ирина Чертова Irina Chertova

Qualifications: Badminton. Candidate of City Champion. Racket — Yonex Z-Force 2. Privat classes — 2000rub\1hour

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Badminton schedule

Adult classesBaumanskaya
Paveliev A.
Chertova I.
Paveliev A.
Children’s classesblocking training sessions(pandemic)
Court rentalFrom 20:00 to 22:00From 20:00 to 22:00Starting at 7:00
Entry required

* — training with a coach

Lesson prices

From 20:00 – 22:00750/750 rub.1 hour
Professionals classes2000 rub.1 hour
Single visit700/500 rub.2 hours / 1.5 hour
4 classes*2700/1800 rub.2 hours / 1.5 hour
8 classes*5200/3200 rub.2 hours / 1.5 hour